Chicago Ki Aikido

An Affiliate of the Chicago Ki Society

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About Chicago Ki Aikido

The Chicago Ki Society was organized in 1975 at the University of Chicago.  Chicago Ki Aikido is affiliated with the Chicago Ki Society and the International Ki Society (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido or aikido with mind and body coordination).  We are the only public Ki Society club in the Chicago area.

Our Chief Instructor is Jonathan Eley, 6th degree black belt in Shin Shin Toitsu aikido aka Ki Society style aikido or Ki Aikido.  We teach the Japanese martial art of aikido, weapons (wooden sword and staff) and ki development.

Ki development consists of:

  • Hitori waza—Ki development exercises
  • Ki Breathing
  • Ki Meditation
  • Kiatsu—Healing acupressure using ki.

We're meet at:

Pottawattomie Park
7340 N. Rogers Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626

Driving? A parking lot is next to the field house.

Taking public transportation? Take CTA Bus #22 to Clark and Rogers , at the Walgreens, then walk west two blocks on Rogers.  You can also take a westbound PACE Bus #290 from the Howard Red Line CTA station to the park.  You can also walk west on Rogers from the Howard CTA Redline Station.  Rogers is the first street south of the station.  It is an angle street that runs west 4 blocks to the park. 

Take a free trial class with us. Just mention this online offer. Come in sweats or other comfortable clothing to work-out.